We played the Access code:Bastille game (team of two), and it was awesome. It is a little bigger than a normal 60-minute room, since you have 90 minutes to escape, but it's not overwhelming, so you don't have to rush through. It is also quite different in the sense that it makes you rely more on your logic and attentiveness than just plain racoon skills: instead of spending your time looking for hidden pieces and searching drawers and pockets, you'll spend it on an extra brain-teaser. The room was quite technical, but all the puzzles worked without a glitch. All in all - this is one of the best games I've played. The only thing you guys could improve is make a complete translation of all the elements of the game to English. Right now playing without Ukranian/Russian-speakers is probably possible, but I'd guess considerably more difficult. And the story that you learn in the game is also lost on foreign guests, which is a shame, since, in my opinion, it's very well-presented.
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